Easy Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

When it comes to electricity and energy bills, anyone wants to save and reduce the bills. However, with the whole family staying together in this quarantine days, having online classes, and home-based work, everyone is charging their phones, laptops, and gadgets. And with summer starting, there is no way everyone could be productive while feeling the heat of the summer without having a good AC unit. With all these happening, energy bills might increase.

It is important to hire a commercial HVAC contractor (for businesses) or residential HVAC contractors (for houses) because it makes sure that you have a fully functional unit devoid of damages and issues. However, maintaining it and saving some energy is now your concern.

Here, we will share with you some alternatives you can do to have cooler house in the summer without using your AC unit and increasing energy bills.

1.Seal your windows

Old windows are prone to leak air and this is what causes your AC unit to be exhausted. This worsens when all of your windows have leaks and cracks. To avoid or mend this, make sure that you fix them by caulking the leaks and filling in the cracks as well as weather stripping all of the windows to prevent the cool air from leaking away out of them.

2.Upgrade your windows

Windows are a very effective tool for house insulation. If fixes are not sufficient anymore, you might opt for an upgrade especially when your windows have bigger damages. You can also try to remodel your windows and make them bigger. Having bigger windows will be energy efficient in every house. It provides more lighting in the daytime and more air at night time.

3. Use your fans

You can always opt for fans and try to take a break from using your AC unit to prevent increasing energy bills. There are different kinds of fans you can use such as ceiling fans, mobile fans, and more. Fans are effective to circulate cool air without using much electricity.

4.Install a programmable thermostat

One of the ways to have a well-maintained temperature at home is to install a programmable thermostat. In this way, you can automatically adjust the house temperature even if the whole family is sleeping. It can automatically stop the AC unit whenever the house has cooled down to avoid using unnecessary energy.

5. Make sure you have a no-damage unit

When your AC unit has issues and damages, it consumes more energy and electricity. Make sure that it is functional and that it is well-maintained. Replace the filters to remove dust and dirt that prevent the cool air to circulate around the house. Remember that if the AC unit is dirty, the unit needs to work harder and this makes it consume more energy, leading to an increase in energy bills.


There are still many things you can do to avoid exhausting your AC unit. Some people find ways by cooling down their bodies by taking a cold shower regularly and wearing fewer clothes to avoid sweating and warming up.

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